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Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Can graffiti etched into glass be removed?

A. Yes, most graffiti is etched by taggers using a rock or other sharp implement even though these can be felt by fingernails as scratches they can be successfully polished away.

Q. Can window scraper scratches be repaired?

A. Yes, most scratches in windows can be repaired. Don't be fooled by anyone telling you that it can't. Let us view the damage to give you an assessment first.

Q. Does the NOVUS system leave scratches or a milky effect?

A. No, the NOVUS system polishes the glass clear throughout the whole process of removing scratches and graffiti etching

Q. Can chips and shells in glass be repaired ?

A. Yes,  by using the NOVUS Glass Repair System we can successfully repair chips and shells in glass

Q. How does it work?

A. The patented NOVUS™ Glass Restoration System is engineered to remove scratches or graffiti from virtually any type of glass. Our hand-held system uses a vacuum process to hold the machine onto the glass and provides a continuous flow of slurry through the system. The flow of slurry provides a continual source of new abrasives and keeps the glass cool allowing polishing speeds of 6,000 rpm's.

Q. Can it be used on toughened glass?

A. Absolutely. It actually works very efficiently on tempered glass because of the glass density. The NOVUS™ Glass Restoration System works equally well on laminated, curved, plate and mirrored glass. The system can also be used on virtually any thickness of glass, including single strength.

Q. What is a "slurry"?

A. Slurry refers to a mixture of water and abrasives that is used in polishing.

Q. What is your "slurry" made of?

A. Our system uses a proprietary mixture of rare earth elements in a slurry solution and is completely self-contained. Our slurry is also environmentally friendly.

Q. Will it work on curved glass?

A. Yes, but there are two primary factors which will determine the severity of the curve an operator can traverse. The first is the ability of the NOVUS™ Glass Restoration system to maintain a vacuum between the shroud seal and the glass. The second factor is the experience or skill of the operator.

Q. Can it remove mineral deposits or build-up from glass?

A. Yes, this is another unique feature of the Polisher System. By using the flat pad with the polisher, we can remove most deposits to glass surfaces with ease.


Q. Do you have to clean up after using the system?

A. Because the system is self-contained (slurry is recycled through the system), the only clean-up at the job site required is wiping down the equipment and the work area with a cotton cloth.

Q. Does the scratch removal process weaken the glass?

A. In actuality, a scratch on a piece of glass can be called a stress point. When our system is used it removes the stress point creating a structurally sound piece of glass.

Q. Does it work on tinted glass?

A. Yes, the system won't take anything away since the tint goes all the way through the glass.

Q. Does NOVUS Glass Restoration and Scratch Removal apply Graffiti and Security films?

A. Yes we do. We also work in with several of the larger film application companies to provide a complete service for not only graffiti and security films but also Water Repellent applications




The patented NOVUS Glass Restoration equipment is engineered to remove glass scratches from virtually any type of glass, saving time, money and the hassle that accompanies glass replacement - polishing clear throughout the whole process


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